Shredder with lateral movement – Mod. TMS

Shredders with hydraulic or manual lateral movement, three point attachment for tractors from 25 to 75 HP – from 18 to 56 KW

This shredder can be used to break into small pieces the pruning, the grass of vineyards, orchards and hazels, and for maintenance of parks, garden ecc… The robust rotor is arranged for the installation of different types of tools to adjust the cutter to the type of processing. The side panel rounded ,available on request,  allow the operator to work near to the plants without damaging them. We design and build our shredders with great effort to ensure minimal maintenance and long life.


ModelWorking width
Overall width
No. hammer
or blades
No. knivestrinciatriciLowest power
No. beltsWeight
TMS 9090102301020Trinciatrici per trattori per vigneti e frutteti25 / 183270
TMS 105105116401428Trinciatrici per vigneti e frutteti25 / 183325
TMS 112112123401428Macchine per sminuzzare erba e sfalci26 / 193335
TMS 120120132401428Macchine per la preparazione del terreno30 / 223350
TMS 135135146401428Meritano Villanova d'Asti - fresatrici, trinciatrici e erpici35 / 263360
TMS 150150162401836Trinciasarmenti40 / 294400
TMS 165165176401836trinciastocchi45 / 334430
TMS 180180192401836trinciatrici fisse e trince a spostamento laterale50 / 374440
TMS 195195206402244trince fisse e trinciatrici a spostamento laterale55 / 414500
TMS 210210222402244trinciatrici a spostamento laterale60 / 454540

Contact us for sizes not listed above or special needs

Standard equipment

  • Sheet steel structure
  • Sliding on chrome plated shaft with guide made out of low friction coefficient material
  • Hydraulic piston for lateral movement with rubbers for the attachment to the hydraulic system of the tractor
  • Lateral transmission with notched belts
  • Adjustable three point attachment
  • Free-well incorporated in the reduction gear
  • Heavy thickness rotor shaft arranged for the installation of hammer, blades or knives electronically balanced
  • Steel rotor supports with sealed self-aligned bearings guard
  • Counterblade
  • Height adjustable rake for shoot collection
  • Front protection in ribbed sheet metal
  • Adjustable rear roller with tapered ends and steel supports bearings guard
  • Supplied with cardan shaft

Rotor on which can be installed on
choice: hammer, blades or knives

Side drive with notched belts

Accessories on request

  • Rounded right side panel
  • Rear wheels swivel wheel
  • Front wheels with iron frame and fork connectors
  • Lateral skids
  • Forked connectors
  • Openable rear crankcase for maintenance
  • Frontal version for the application on the front side of the tractor
  • Reversible version for the application on the front and back of the tractor

Rounded right side panel


Front wheels with iron frame and fork connectors

Data sheet

Download the data sheet in pdf format

sheet in italian and english
sheet in french and russian
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