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Meritano - costruzione macchine agricole

Established in 1957 MERITANO is specialised in the construction of milling machines, rotating arrows and shredders.

The company is based in Villanova d'Asti, 25 kilometres away from Turin, and extends over a surface of approximately 15,000 square meters 6,000 of which under cover.

MERITANO offers a high quality, reliable and convenient product and the company is highly appreciated for their solidity.

The milling machines applied to tractors with limited power have a light structure to reduce the weight but are of robust mechanics and ideal for their handling characteristics. Strong, durable, reliable and built with care and attention the milling machines applied to medium and large powered tractors obtain excellent results on any type of soil.

The various components used in the construction of the milling machines, rotating harrows and shredders are produced within MERITANO's workshops using high technology machine tools thus ensuring the utmost availability of spare parts in addition to a wide range of models and dimensions.

New models are constantly added to the production in order to satisfy the ever-growing requirements of the agricultural world. The in depth tests together with the ongoing investments in the quality and safety fields originate a product that guarantees high durability and minimal maintenance.
MERITANO, well known and appreciated for their products both in Italy and abroad, represent a driving business in the agricultural world.

The best results in the preparation of the soil are guaranteed by the over forty-year experience achieved by MERITANO in the construction of agricultural machines. The highest quality and safety features are enclosed within the machines; the in depth tests and research originate a product that guarantees the utmost reliability and minimal maintenance. The whole range of tractor powers is covered by the vast assortment of models and dimensions available. MERITANO's Rotavators, rotating harrows and shredders are the right choice for those who wish to have the best.

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