Shredder with lateral movement – Mod. GTS

Shredder with lateral hydraulic movement for tractors from 50 to 100 HP – from 37 to 75 KW

This shredder is suitable to break into small pieces pruning and grass of hazels. It is also right to limit the grow of the weeds in orchards and vineyards and to make easier to pick fruit.
A particular disposition of the utensils reduce their wear, especially at the ends and guarantee an upper cutting. To avoid damaging at the cultivation, the lateral side panel is rounded and the screws that support rotor and rear roller are recessed. Shredder GTS has a compact and solid structure that enable to do a good work also in abrupt soil.


ModelWorking width
Overall width
No. hammerTrinciatriciNo. beltsWeight
GTS 1351351504518Trinciatrici a spostamento laterale - Trinciatrici per trattori4480
GTS 1501501644518Trinciatrici per trattori4510
GTS 1651651804522Trinciatrici4550
GTS 1801801944522Macchine per vigneti e frutteti - Trinciatrici4570
GTS 1951952104526Produzione e vendita macchine agricole4615
GTS 2102102244526Trinciasarmenti4640
GTS 2252252404530Trinciastocchi4670

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Standard equipment

  • Sheet steel structure
  • Sliding on chromed plated shaft with sliding made out of low friction coefficient material
  • Lateral movement of cm 45
  • Hydraulic piston complete with rubbers for the attachment to the tractor
  • Side drive with 4 notched belts
  • Adjustable three point attachment
  • Free-weel incorporated in the reduction gear
  • Rotary shaft of increased thickness and increased diameter equipped to fit hammer, blades or knives, electronically balanced
  • Utensils are installed with a particular disposition to reduce their wear and to increase their life
  • Counterblade
  • Steel rotor supports with sealed self-aligned bearings guard
  • Bevelled lateral side and recessed screws to prevent hooking
  • Height adjustable rake for shoot collection
  • Front protection in ribbed sheet metal
  • Adjustable rear roller of Ø 200 mm with tapered ends and steel supports bearings guard
  • With cardan shaft



Rotor on which can be installed on
choice: hammer, blades or knives

Side drive with notched belts


Lateral rounded side panel to prevent hooking

Detail of screws recessed in the lateral rounded side panel

Accessories on request

  • Shoot collection rake
  • Anti-duster back protection
  • Double sheet metal superior
  • Front wheels with iron frame and fork connectors



Front wheels with iron frame
and fork connectors

Data sheet

Download the data sheet in pdf format

sheet in italian and english
sheet in french and russian
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