Rotary tiller – Mod. DT

Fix rotary tiller, double side transmission gear and change of speed for tractors from 100 to 200 HP – from 75 to 150 KW

Rotary tiller model dt is very strong. The lateral transmissions gears, poste on both sides of rotary tiller allow to balanced and distribute in homogeneous way the power also in heavy working conditions.
The central box is equipped with a 3 speed transmission with PTO at 540 rpm and 3 speed with a PTO 1000 rpm. For maintaining constant the depth of work you can equip the machine of the back roll with hydraulic or manual adjustment.


ModelWorking width
Overall width
No. of blade
retaining flanges
DT 21021022510730
DT 23023024511760
DT 24024025512790
DT 25025026512810
DT 27027028513840
DT 29029030514870
DT 31031032515910

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Standard equipment

  • Double side transmission gear
  • Reduction gearbox with the possibility of entry from 540 to 1000 rpm
  • Double sheet metal superior
  • Forked connectors
  • Lateral skids to the regulation of the working depth
  • Blade retaining shaft assembled with 4 blades per flange (curved or at right angles)
  • Cardan shaft
  • No. 2 spare blades

Accessories on request

  • 6 blades per flange (curved or at right angles)
  • Rotor support with double flange takes blades
  • Particularly shaped blades mounted on the sector flanges
  • Rollers: cage, spikes, smooth or paker
  • Hydraulic regulation to the cage roller
  • Cardan shaft with disc-clutch or bolt power limiter



Rear roller paker

Rear roller cage

Rear roller spikes

Data sheet

Download the data sheet in pdf format

sheet in italian and english
sheet in french and russian