Rotary Tillers

The rotary tiller or cutter or tiller or rotary cultivator, is an agricultural machine used for working the soil. The milling is done both as a preparatory work to sowing, for break up the soil after plowing...


The shredder, shredder grass, shredder sarments or shredder stalks, depending on the plant on which it is to work, is an agricultural machine that is used to chop and shred stubble, pruning residues, weeds...


The rotary harrow, rotary harrow teeth or harrow is an agricultural machine used to break the clods and tilling the soil after the plowing, to prepare it for planting...

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Trinciatrice con spostamento laterale per scarpate
Trinciatrice con spostamento laterale per scarpate
Trinciatrice con spostamento laterale idraulico per scarpate
Trinciatrice con spostamento laterale idraulico per trattori serie frutteto e vigneto

Shredder for ditches - Mod. TSA


Shredder with lateral hydraulic movement for tractors series vineyards and orchards

Ideal for working over the roadway of the tractor and/or in a tilted position for clean road banks, river banks, ditches, embankments,…

MODELWorking width
Overall width
No. Hammer
TSA 135 135 147 14 400
TSA 150 150 162 18 430
TSA 165 165 176 18 480


  • Tree point attachment width cm. 76
  • Sheel steel structure
  • Links for lateral displacement and inclination with pins and bushing in tempered steel
  • Hydraulic cylinder for inclination full of stop valve
  • Hydraulic cylinder for lateral displacement fitted above the arms to avoid hooking
  • Side drive with notched belts
  • Free weel incorporated in the reduction gear - p.t.o. 540 rpm
  • Heavy thickness rotor shaft arranged for the installation of hammer, blades or knives
  • Counterblade
  • Steel rotor supports with sealed self-aligned bearings guard
  • Front protection in dibbed sheet metal
  • Adjustable rear roller with tapered ands and steel supports bearing guard
  • Cardan shaft


  • Rear roller of Ø 200 mm
  • Rounded right side panel for TSA 150 and TSA 165
  • Constant-velocity cardan shaft on both sides


TSA 135 147 65 82 203 142
TSA 150 162 65 97 218 142
TSA 165 177 65 112 233 142